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Dwight Andrus Insurance issues contract and commercial bonds as a special service for our existing customers. Our company has been issuing bonds since 1945 – giving us an unsurpassed level of experience in this specialized service.

Whether you are in need of bonds that are required by laws of statute, ordinance or regulation – or if bonds are required by private parties for business proceedings – we’re here to provide our customers with the specific bonds they need.

Commercial Bonds

  • Court Bonds – These are required in many court proceedings to ensure one is protected from loss as a result of the outcome of the proceeding.

  • License and Permit Bonds – These are meant to protect the public from damages by guaranteeing individuals and businesses comply with parish and state laws in which business is conducted.

  • Public Official Bonds – These are required to guarantee faithful performance of duties by a person in a position of trust.

  • Commercial Crime Bonds – These provide coverage for a wide array of commercial risks, including ERISA, fidelity and fiduciary coverage.

  • Miscellaneous Bonds – This is a catch-all category for obligations that do not clearly fall within the scope of other bond classes.

Contract Bonds

  • Bid Bonds – These guarantee the contractor, if awarded the job, will enter into the contract with the owner and furnish the required performance and payment bonds.

  • Performance Bonds – These guarantee the faithful performance of the terms and conditions of the written contract.

  • Payment Bonds – These protect subcontractors and suppliers by guaranteeing all claimants will be paid for labor and materials supplied to the contractor for use on a bonded job.

  • Maintenance Bonds – These are a guarantee for a stated period that no defective workmanship or material will appear in the completed project.

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